The Sushi Rivervale is located at the side of The Loft Hotel in Rivervale. Their original branch is located in Floreat and have recently opened a new branch in Rivervale.

The Sushi Floreat Branch has a good ratings at all times, not to mentioned their friendly staff, decent food and the coolest ordering method using iPad.

What we have ordered/tried:

In Picture – Random Sushi on the train, Salmon Belly Nigiri, Salmon Aburi + Spicy Salmon Aburi, Sizzling Pork with Rice, Mochi Ice Cream, Sesame & Green Tea Ice Cream.

Not in Picture (tried some other day) – Assorted Tempura, Shio Ramen, Chicken Karage, Sizzling Beef, Hotate Aburi, Takoyaki, Cheesy Ebi Aburi, Green Tea Mochi

The sushi rivervale
Salmon Belly Nigiri $3.90
The sushi rivervale
Sizzling Pork (Korean Style)
From Sushi Train
Spicy Salmon Aburi
Salmon Aburi

Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream
The sushi rivervale
Mochi Ice Cream (Vanilla)

The Sushi Rivervale Review

What we like about The Sushi Rivervale: Easy to order (using iPad), fast service and friendly staff. Sushi are good, our favourites are Salmon Belly Nigiri, Hotate Aburi and Salmon Aburi. Most of their desserts are great, too.

Salmon belly are not of highest quality, doesn’t have that melt-in-your-mouth sensation, but still quite decent especially at the price of $3.90.

What’s Not Good: Not very authentic sushi. Some sushi are full of sauces, which takes away the taste of the sushi/fish. Sizzling Pork and Beef are way too salty. Ramen doesn’t taste like Ramen. Chicken Karaage taste more like Korean fried chicken. Assorted Tempura was soggy and tasteless. Wasabi and ginger are in packages and need to open one package at a time, which can be quite annoying.

Somewhat Okay: Takoyaki and some other sushi that doesn’t has lots of sauces on it.

Final Verdict:

The only reason we are coming back here is the price. We get to eat salmon belly and salmon aburi at the price of $3.90. Salmon belly are expensive part of the salmon; and having a serve of salmon aburi in Jaws can cost you around $5.50. We are authentic sushi lover, so we don’t enjoy “creative” sushi with lots of weird sauces, but if you love those kind of sushi, this place is heaven for you.

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