S&R Orchard Perth

S&R Orchard Perth – Perth is Beautiful!

Spring is always my favorite season. Growing up I have never experience a four seasons weather, that’s why I’m obsessed with The Sims Four Season Expansion pack (good old days). I’ve live in Perth, Australia for nearly 5 years now. I am starting to grow and getting used to the four seasons weather.

I came from a country where the weather is in between summer/spring all year-long. So I see flowers and trees on the streets like seeing cars on the road. It’s just nothing too special to me. Australia has made me cherish the flora and fauna even more.

Spring is the blooming seasons, and it’s right after the season I dislike the most, Winter. Whenever I see flower starting growing on the trees, I got excited and get my camera ready every weekend.

We all know the famous “Purple Tree” in Australia, where you can find in my post I posted last year here.

This year, we discovered the “Sakura” Tree, located at S&R Orchard in the Perth Hills. 

S&R orchard perth S&R orchard perth S&R orchard perth

S&R Orchard Perth

They are open to public but there’s an entry fee of $10 each. Children under 12 years old is free to enter.

There are a few food trucks and stalls after you enter the orchard gate. Many bring their own food basket and enjoying a good picnic day among the blossoms. This place is not big but it’s great to relax and has a nice atmosphere to enjoy the weekend with your family and friends.

s&r orchard perth s&r orchard perth s&r orchard perth s&r orchard perth s&r orchard perth s&r orchard perth

Here’s a video of me Getting Ready to visit this orchard. If you would love to see how I created this makeup look, watch from the start of the video.

If you only wanted to watch the part where we’re in S&R Orchard, jump to 9.38 .

According to the owner of S&R Orchard, the blossoms start about first week of September for about 3 weeks, or depending on the weather. So hurry up and visit them before it ends!
S&R Orchard is located at 46 Halleendale Rd Walliston, approximately 30mins drive from Perth city. Visit their Facebook page to find out more about their opening hours/event coming up.

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