Long Layover in KLIA2

With increasing amount of travellers who take Air Asia nowadays, where ever your final destination is (not Kuala Lumpur), you will end up transiting in KLIA2.

Transiting is the worse nightmare for many of us, especially when you get a long layover of more than 6 hours. Whether it is your first time in KLIA2 or you’ve been here countless time, you may want to find out how to survive the long layover in KLIA2.

In this post, I will share with you several activities to kill time while still enjoy your layover.

How to survive a Long Layover in KLIA2

  1. Eat Something (Time Kill: 0.5 – 1 hour)

    what to eat in klia2 how to spend long layover in klia2There’s always room for food, even after you had your flight meal. Walk around and eat something while you’re in KLIA2. You will get hungry (trust me).

    There are about 22 restaurant for you to choose and dine in KLIA2. You can find all kind of fast foods. However, if you don’t feel like having something similar to where you’re from, here are some of my favourite restaurant/food stalls you can visit:

    Local Malaysian Cuisine: Hometown Hainan CoffeeKluang Station CafeNyonya Colors (Kuih Muih)

    Western Cuisine: O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar

    Snacks/Dessert: Auntie Annie(Pretzel), Gong Cha (Bubble Tea), Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks (Fried Chicken), Hui Lau Shan (Mango Dessert), Mr Siew Bao (Baked Savory Buns)

  2. Shopping/Explore KLIA2 (Time Kill: <2 hours)

    Good news for shopaholic out there. You might find some of your favourite shop in KLIA2, whether its apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products or even souvenirs. Why not walk around the airport and do some shopping or window shopping if you don’t feel like spending money. This can at least kill 1 hour of your time if you walk around the whole airport.

    Please visit KLIA2 website for more information about retail and shopping.

    Not a fan of shopping? Don’t worry, there’s more..

  3. Visit and Explore KLIA  (Time Kill: <2 hours)

Source: KLIA2 Website

If you have been travelling with Air Asia (or most budget airlines), you might not have the chance to visit KLIA.

I think it’s worth it to go and have a look. They have different restaurants and shopping there, too. Going from KLIA2 to KLIA is super easy.

A few options include:

Free Shuttle Bus operates around the clock, 10 mins bus ride, free
Airport Liner Bus 10 mins bus ride, RM2.50
Inter-Terminal Rail Transfer 4 mins train ride, RM2.00
KLIA Bus Station
More about travelling from KLIA2 to KLIA here.

4. Go for a Relaxing Spa or Massage (Time Kill: 1 hour)

Source: KLIA2 Website

Fancy for a relaxing massage after a long flight? Head over to Thai Odyssey @Gateway KLIA2. If you travel often, you definitely going to need one.

Thai Odyssey has 19 foot massage chairs and a team around 20 expert therapists. If you are not up for a full body massage, you can get a 30 minutes Thai Foot Massage and your feet is going to thank you, whether you just came back from a long trip or is going for one.

If you have more time to spare, I would suggest a 60 minutes Thai Aromatherapy Massage;

Thai Odyssey also have bathrooms available for a refreshing shower, a complimentary left luggage facility for customers so you don’t have to worry about anything while you relax.

More info about Thai Odyssey here and the prices of different massage here.

5.Chill at Cafe/Bar (Time Kill: <2 hours)

coffee shop klia2 long layover in KLIA2
Source: KLIA2 Website

Have your own laptop and a series of TV shows to watch? Nothing’s better than sitting in a coffee shop and smash out some K-Dramas (or KUWTK). Even if you don’t have a laptop, you can easily do it on your smartphone, using the airport internet and stream your favourite shows. This can easily kills 2 hours if you like to binge watch like me.

Here are some coffee shop in KLIA2 you can go to:

Departure Hall  – Dome Café

Level 2 – 

Austin Chase Coffee (L2-96)
Kluang Station Cafe (L2-23)
Hometown Hainan Coffee (L2-113)
Gloria Jean’s Coffees (L2-118)
Tea Code Coffee (L2-37)
Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam (L2-54)
GeorgPeck Coffee (L2-123)

Level 2M – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (L2M-22)

Level 3 – 

Canai 15 Cafe (L3-56)
McCafe (L3-33)
OldTown White Coffee (L3-27)
Pacific Coffee (L3-30)
San Francisco Coffee (L3-05)
Starbucks Coffee (L3-25)

6.Take a refreshing Shower (Time Kill: 1 hour)

While there are a few lounges in KLIA2 to choose from, I believe most of them provide Shower services.

If you are looking for shower services and just a place to chill in general, read my previous post regarding Air Asia Premium Red Lounge and I have also listed other few options there to consider other than Asia Lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge at [email protected] mall also provide a shower only service at RM32 [USD8+] (for 30 minutes usage of shower room).

7.Simply Snooze and Rest (Time Kill: As long as you want)

While most of the lounges have shower service but only a few comes with a bed for you to sleep and snooze away.  Again, I have listed a few options for you to sleep on in my previous post regarding Air Asia Premium Red Lounge.

 For cheaper options, I would suggest if you travel alone or couple  Capsule by Container Hotel  and if you travel in a group,  Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 (Transit Hotel).

If you have extra cash to spare, you can always go for a Plaza Premium Lounge at [email protected] mall . They charge: Family Suite (Sleeps 4, 5 hrs: RM568 [USD 142+]) & Traveller Suite (Sleeps 4, 5 hrs: RM568 [USD 142+]).

If you need to stay longer than 5 hours, try Tune Hotel at KLIA2 where you can get a double room or twin room from RM180 (USD45+) per night.

If you have a really long time to spare, I suggest you get out of the airport and take the train (about 40 minutes) to KL Central to explore the city. That would be a better way of spending your super long layover in Kuala Lumpur.

If you do have any questions, don’t forget to comment down below or send me a message. I will do my best to help! 🙂 Don’t forget to share this post if it somehow helps you!



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