Singapore Airline, awarded as SKYTRAX’s World No. 1 Airline in 2018, is one of the first airline to launch the newest member of Boeing Dreamliner family, 787-10. The 787-10 is designed to operate regional flights and some short-haul trips such as the 5h flight from Singapore to Perth.

Singapore Airline New Dreamliner 787-10 carries more passenger on a single flight. It also offers better air quality and humidity to improve passengers’ inflight experience, including reduce jet-lag and fatigues. The 787-10 also offers 25% more fuel efficiency and fewer emissions compared to the older planes which is good for the business and our planet.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the Singapore Airlines New Dreamliner 787-10 Business Class.

The new 787-10 Business Class Cabin:

  • 36 business class seats;
  • 1-2-1 configuration (old A330’s on the Perth to Singapore route runs in 2-2-2);
  • Direct aisle access from every seat;
  • 2 dedicated toilets;
  • 2 bassinet positions.

 Singapore Airlines New Dreamliner 787-10 Business Class Review




The Dreamliner 787-10 new business class seats are designed by Stelia Aerospace and it can reclines into a 193cm flatbed. The standard seats are 66cm wide, however you will get a few extra spaces if you go for the direct window seats.

Though the seats look much smaller and narrower compared to the old 777-300/200 & 330, I was very impressed by how comfortable the seat is. It fits perfectly for short-haul and regional flights. The design is very innovative, neat and ergonomic. From the suede upholstery of the privacy shell to the leather details of the seat itself, everything is very well designed.

The only complain I would have is the seatbelt. Different from the usual seatbelt where you only buckled the belt at your abdominal area, this one is like a vehicle seatbelt. It buckles from the shoulder down to the side of your buttocks (I apologized for poor my description lol). This feels a bit uncomfortable for me especially when I’m lying flat to sleep, but I guess this design is safer compared to the old one.

The foot rest is directly in front of the seat so you don’t have to sleep diagonally like the old A380. There’s also a space underneath the foot rest where you can store your shoes and handbag.

Singapore Airlines New Dreamliner 787-10 Business Class

Singapore Airlines New Dreamliner 787-10 Business Class

Storage space on the 787-10 isn’t huge but sufficient for a short haul flight. The (drink) table on the side of the seat is large enough to fit a Macbook. It also has a small stowage compartment located in the console of each seat, with a mini sliding door and power connection points – a UNI socket and two USB ports. The headphones is stored inside the mini compartment. The storage is enough to keep your phone, tablet and books.

Right in front of the side compartment, there’s a curved literature pocket that is in easy reach. Here you’ll find the usual magazines and safety card.

You will find the seat control panel and touchscreen remote control for the entertainment system at the side of the seat. Both are within easy reach, the control panel features a master switch for the TV, control the position of your chair, adjusting overhead lighting, “Do Not Disturb” function and cabin crew call bell. 

Singapore Airlines New Dreamliner 787-10 Business Class

We all know that before and after taking off, the cabin crew will make announcement and we’ll have to keep all window shade open for optimal view and safety regulations. In this aircraft, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. One of the coolest thing in this new 787-10 is the automatic/manually dimmable window tint. The window tint is brightens automatically during take off and landing, and you can manually adjust it to fully darken mode. 

As you can see in the picture of the window shade below, the window is 80% darken, as if it was dark outside. It was in fact still bright outside when this photo was taken.


The only thing that hasn’t changed is the dining experience.  Similar to most Singapore Airline Business Class, the flight attendant will serve you a drink (you can choose from water, juices or champagne) while waiting for other passengers to board the flight. Hot towel are given along with the drink, as well as before landing. 

This was a 5pm flight from Singapore to Perth, therefore it is a 6 course dinner service on flight, which consists of Appetizer, Starter, Main, Dessert, Cheese & Fruits and Petit Four. If you are flying from Singapore, you can chose to book the cookvia Singapore Airlines website before your flight. 

I didn’t get the Cheese & Fruit and Petit Four in this flight as I was too full from the main course (I ordered Steak with grilled vegetables). So I stopped at dessert which was amazing. Overall the dining experience on Singapore Airline 787-10 was not disappointing, though the steak was slightly overcooked but acceptable.


The IFE on Singapore Airline 787-10 is fantastic. The TV screen is an 18″ touchscreen display powered by Panasonic’s eX3 system. The touchscreen TV is very easy reach and there’s also a control panel in the side console if you prefer to make the selection that way. The screens are tilt-able for comfortable viewing even when you’re on a flat bed. 

Singapore Airlines has updated their content library, so there’s much more show to watch on screen now. 


Similar to other Business Class, the cabin crew will provide slippers, eye mask and socks after taking off. Blanket and pillow are provided when you board the plane. The blanket material is a plush, fleece quilt and it’s very comfortable, which is the same as that found on the A330 / 777-200 regional business class. The pillow however is different, it is a new soft synthetic foam with modern cover design to match the tones used in the new seat design.

You can find other amenities, including Penhaligon’s toiletries, shaving razors, dental kits, mouth wash, combs, hand towels etc in the toilets. There are two spacious toilets located ahead of seats 11A and 11K at the front of the business class cabin.


The overall atmosphere in the new regional business class is elegant and very well designed. The cabin crew were, as always, very attentive and professional throughout the flight. They were familiar with the new seats and well briefed. There was a passenger next to me who got stuck when he tried to make the seat into a flatbed, and the crew were very helpful and fixed the problem with patience and in a professional manner. The dinner service was quick and seamless, the crew did a great job to keep the cabin fairly quiet throughout the service.

The seats, though are narrower, was actually very comfortable. I personally prefer this seat over the old wider seat design. I have to say I had a very pleasant flight flying business class from Singapore to Perth with Singapore Airline Dreamliner 787-10.

✔Full Flat Bed

✔1-2-1 Configuration

✔Seats are very well designed, innovative and ergonomic.

✔Excellent Service from Singapore Airline Cabin Crew

✔Upgraded Inflight Entertainment

✔Better privacy due to the enclosed design of the seat

✘Seatbelt is slightly uncomfortable 


Overall Score 

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