Note: This product/business class has now been upgraded to a newer version of A380.

At the end of our Hong Kong Trip, we took Singapore Airline A380 Business Class from Hong Kong (HKG) to Singapore (SGD). While this particular Business Class product in the A380 has aged a bit now (it has been introduced more than 10 years ago), it is still one of the widest BC seats of all, though a bit too wide in my opinion.

In this review, I’ll share with you my experience while flying Business Class on the upper deck of Singapore Airline A380 from Hong Kong to Singapore.

Singapore Airline A380 Business Class Review

Singapore Airline A380 Business Class


The SQ A380 Business class seats are super wide at about 30 inches each, you can basically squeeze 2 normal size human in one seat. The seat is convertible into a lie-flat bed. Each front seat has a small foot rest for you to stretch out to, which also means you will be sleeping in a slight diagonal position. There’s also a little space under the screen to put your bags or shoes.

I find it a bit too wide because I like to lean my head to the side of the seat when I’m watching inflight entertainment, and such wide seat makes it difficult and somewhat uncomfortable to do so.

Singapore Airline A380 Business Class

You can find the seat controller at the side. There are ‘Do Not Disturb’ button when you’re sleeping or simply want to skip the meal, also a leg rest and recline buttons, a reading light and an attendant call button. 

All SQ flights in Business Class offer high-quality noise-cancelling headphones, I believe the brand they used is BOSE headphones. Charging port and USB ports are located on one side of the entertainment screen, as well as some storage area for phones and small devices.


After you boarded the plane, the flight attendant will serve you some drinks (you can choose from water, juices or champagne) while waiting for other passengers to board the flight. Singapore Airline has very high standard of service and they are often quite strict with their flight attendant. You will not be disappointed with the service you get on a SQ flight, even for economy class.

Our flight was an afternoon flight back to Singapore, so we were served a 6 course dinner on flight, which consists of Appetizer, Starter, Main, Dessert, Cheese & Fruits and Petit Four. I find the quality of food sometimes depends on where you board the plane. From personal experience, the food quality of a flight from Perth to Singapore is not as good as from Japan to Singapore.

Overall the dining experience on Singapore Airline A380 from Hong Kong to Singapore were decent and we are happy with the services provided.

Pre-Flight: Champagne
Starter/Sides – Selection of Breads
Main Course
Main Course
Cheese and Fruits

Inflight Entertainment

The inflight screen, though is a bit old and clunky, still works perfectly fine and has a 15-inch screen that displayed images clearly. I wish they could update their inflight entertainment frequently, most of the time you could have already watched most of the show in there. I would suggest check out their documentary show if you really have nothing to watch.


All Business Class passengers will be given an eye mask, socks and slippers after the plane has taken off. You can find all other amenities such as shaving razors, dental kits, mouth wash, combs, lotions and female sanitary items in the lavatories if you do need to use them.


The overall experience on Singapore Airline A380 Business Class was satisfactory. The services provided were of high standard and not disappointing. One thing I do like about A380 is how quiet the flight was. The whole flight was so smooth and stable that you would not even realised that you have already took off or landed.

I am looking forward to try their upgraded A380 Business Class, which I believe they are gradually changing over.

✔ Full Flat Bed

✔1-2-1 Configuration

✔Amazing service from Singapore Airline Crew

✔Decent Food Quality

✘Business Class Seat is too wide (personal opinion) and the leather material is a bit uncomfortable to sleep in

✘Aircraft and IFE system looks outdated



Overall Score 

Hope you enjoy the read. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions~

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