There’s two Shinji by Kanesaka branches in Singapore. Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel is the main branch and it’s located near City Hall MRT. The first Kanesaka restaurant, Sushi Kanesaka 鮨かねさか was set up in Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza district. Chef Kanesaka brought an authentic japanese fine dining experience to the shores of Singapore.

Chef Kanesaka brought an authentic Japanese Edo-Style fine dining experience to the shores of Singapore and awarded 1 Michelin Star in 2016.

Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel

Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel (夢 | Omakase Yume) Lunch

We booked in for lunch at Shinji by Kanesaka and we ordered the 夢 | Omakase Yume Lunch set, SG$250 excluding GST. The room was full with diners and we were served by Master Chef Koichiro Oshino. You can view their full menu here.

After being seated, the waitress served us with warm O-cha (Green Tea) while the chef preparing our wasabi from the fresh wasabi root. The fresh wasabi is very different from the usual packaged/processed wasabi you have tried in a normal sushi restaurant, it has a hint of sweetness, and the spicy taste comes after. It is highly recommended that you use the wasabi sparingly so that it won’t overpower the freshness from sashimi.



Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel



Shinji by Kanesaka


Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel



5. Daikon & Miso, Tuna & Seaweed, Razed Jacket Fish

Shinji by Kanesaka

6. Octopus

7. Deep Fried Young Potato with Mushroom

PALATE CLEANSER – Chestnut Jelly


8. Chutoro 

9. Otoro

Shinji by Kanesaka

10. AJI

11. Marinated Tuna

12. Hokkaido Sardine 

13. UNI (Sea Urchin)

14. Japanese Tiger Prawn

15. Kingfish 

16. Miso Soup

17. EEL

18. Spring Onion Toro Maki

19. Tamago and Pickled Daikon


Japanese Premium Honeydew(Melon) and Grapes

If you have been to Japan, you know the Japanese Premium Honeydew/Melon is a luxurious fruit in Japan. It can cost any where from $100 to $30,000 for one premium honeydew (see Yubari King Melon). We have tried a cheaper version of Premium Melon in Japan before and it was amazing.

This one here however, was a high quality premium honeydew. You will never taste honeydew the same way anymore after you try this. I assured you it is 10x better than your usual degustation fancy looking dessert. “Juicy and Sweet” is definitely not the best description for the melon here. It was heavenly, impeccable, and you will understand why would people pay for such crazy price tag for a melon after having to taste it yourself.



Every single dish in the Yume Omakase Lunch Set is unique. They are all fresh, delicate and beautifully presented on the plate. I have to say the dishes were all top quality and I love every single one of them. It’s like a mini trip to Japan. If I have to choose favourites and my most memorable dish(es), it would be the Hokkaido Squid & Uni, Chutoro Nigiri and Japanese Premium Melon Dessert.


The restaurant has a limited seatings and different serving times. So make sure you ask for that when making your reservation, especially when you want to be served by the head chef. When you walked in from the main door, a friendly staff greeted and guided us through the hall into a room. When you make the booking online/through the phone, you can request to seat at the sushi bar or a normal table. I would recommend the sushi bar so that you can get full experience of Omakase. 

I love the zen interior of the restaurant, and overall it was quiet and calming. Though sometimes the room can be noisy due to other guests (which you can’t control) but overall the ambience was good at Shinji by Kanekasa Carlton Hotel. 


The waitresses were very helpful and attentive. The chef was very professional, he explained each dish properly and taught us the right way to eat so we can enjoy the dish the traditional japanese way. Food was served in a timely manner, not too fast and not too slow.

The services you get from Shinji by Kanesaka is definitely not disappointing.


This is definitely a one of a lifetime experience. I’d say for a price tag of $250 (excluding GST), you get to taste fresh and premium Japanese food, and you would have forgotten that you’re in Singapore. It’s definitely worth it to me. I will definitely be back when we get the chance (or money lol).

Everything was perfect, I only hoped we could get an extra slice of that premium melon at the end, it was so darn good that one slice is never enough.


I also have a full video review here in case you’re interested.

Address: 76 Bras Basah Rd, Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558
Contact No.: +65 6338 6131
Email Address: [email protected]
Nearest MRT Station: City Hall MRT
How to get there: Show Map
Website: View Website
Facebook: View Facebook
Instagram: View Instagram
Price Range (per pax): Above S$100

Opening Hours
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2pm)
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm (last order at 9pm)
Closed on Sundays

Shinji by Kanesaka Carlton Hotel

Thank you for stopping by!



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