There are 2 Plaza Premium lounges (East and West Hall) in Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1. They are both associated with the Priority pass program. During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we had the opportunity to visit one of the Plaza Premium Lounge located on the East hall near Gate 1, using our priority pass program. Another Plaza Premium lounge (West Hall) located directly after immigration at the south departure hall, is a little more spacious and has brighter views compared to the East Hall.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong (East Hall)

Plaza Premium lounge located on the East hall near Gate 1 is associated with priority pass. The priority pass we had was associated with our Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card. I had read online that some bank/priority pass such as the Citibank Prestige Card offers unlimited lounge access to the member + 2 guests or immediate family members. Unfortunately, the Westpac Altitude Black Card only allow access to the member, any guest(s) or immediate family members will have to pay for the actual entry fee. 

Note: This will also depends on the Lounge as they may have different terms compared to others.


1. Priority Pass Programs

While most prestige credit cards offer you this program with their own terms and conditions, you can also sign up to the Priority Pass membership plans to get access to over 1000 airport lounges around the world.

There are three membership plans to choose from: Standard – US$99 ($27 per lounge visit), Standard Plus – $ 249 (10 free lounge visits) and Prestige – $399 (unlimited lounge visits) per year. I highly recommend that you check out Priority Pass Website to find out more about member benefits and plans available, as well as the lounges and airlines they have partnered with.

2. Pay at the door

Another option is of course, to simple pay for the entry fees to the lounge. This however does subject to space availability. The door rates are:

HK$580 (2 hr Lounge Package) ~ approx. AU$105

HK$780 (5 hr Lounge Package) ~ approx. AU$138

HK$900 (10 hr Lounge Package) ~ approx. AU$160

HK$200 (Shower Package) ~ approx. AU$35

Package rates are per person. Local taxes may apply.


This lounge can get very busy during peak hours. While they do have a fair amount of seats in the lounge, it was not enough when we were there. There was a long queue outside the lounge waiting to come in. So most of the empty seats will be filled up very quickly. We did not stay long in the lounge as it was way too crowded inside.

The seats are overall quite comfortable and clean. However, due to the amount of people in the lounge, I find it difficult to get a peaceful rest in here. The lounge visitors, including the staffs were talking loudly and making a bunch of noises with cutlery, moving of chairs etc. 

The ambience wasn’t too bad. I do wish that they could adjust the lights in the lounge to a brighter setting. It was a bit too dark for me especially if I want to get some work done, or simply just to eat.

They also provide free WIFI in the lounge as well as computers if you would like to surf the internet.


There’s a wide selection of Chinese and Western cuisine in the lounge. I have heard that this lounge is famous for their Fish Ball soup, we didn’t get the chance to try them but you can give it a go if you’re a fan of fish balls. They also have salads, pastries, fruits and desserts. The food in the lounge doesn’t look exciting, but it was decent and it does the job. Beer is free but unfortunately liquor is not complimentary in this lounge, you will have to pay extra for liquor. They do offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks at the bar.

The lounge attendant does a good job for refilling the food trays as well as removing used plates and cleaning the tables. The dining area overall looks clean and tidy. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong


While I did not make use of their amenities, I do find the rest room and shower (only one) is too small for the lounge, considering how crowded the lounge is. You will definitely have to queue up for the shower and even for the WC when the lounge is full.


The lounge is clean, tidy and food was decent. The services was good but I hope the staff can keep their voice down and do the cleaning quietly, though we still can’t control the noises make by lounge visitors. So it will be difficult to get a peaceful rest during peak times.

Unless you have priority pass or free entry to the lounge, I personally will not pay for entry. Even for their cheapest rate at $35 shower package is not worth it, unless you’re lucky to find the lounge to be half empty, otherwise you’ll be paying $35 to queue up for shower.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong

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