The New Best Dim Sum in Perth – Canton Lane Belmont.

If you ever tried DIM SUM in Hong Kong, or even the famous Michelin star restaurant Tim Ho Wan, we got our own one in Perth now. I have to say this Dim Sum place surpassed the famous Tim Ho Wan. They are so DARN good. The Dim Sum are so huge and fresh. Selections are crazy, oh as well as the queue.

They open daily from 10am -3pm if you wanna get some Dim Sum fix. However, I advised you to wait at the door before 10am.

The wait wasn’t that bad, thanks to the fast service and well-trained staff.

Unfortunately, my small appetite didn’t allow me to eat it all, I literally feels like grabbing every single dish they showed me and gobble it all! The presentation is so good, the dim sum itself is so juicy and fresh.

As usual we ordered some Siu Mai, Pan Fried Dumpling, Crab Ball (man these crab ball is insanely delicious), century egg porridge and a bean curd roll.

I would definitely advice to bring more friends or your whole family to the dim sum so you can try more dishes. I went with my bf and two of us can’t eat much due to their huge dim sum sizes.

canton lane belmont canton lane belmont canton lane belmont

I HIGHLY recommend trying out this place if you are a huge fan of dim sum. This is by far the best ever dim sum I ever had in my life (even after tasted a Michelin star dim sum).



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