This is a daily Hong Kong Travel Itinerary for my Hong Kong Trip in 2017.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary: DAY 1

On Day 1, we arrived Hong Kong International Airport around 7:30 am. We took Cathay Pacific overnight flight direct from Perth, Australia. We were dead tired when we arrived in Hong Kong but that doesn’t stop us from exploring on our first day!

We took a cab and arrived at The Langham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui at 9:00-ish. We were so lucky that the room was available for check in and so we did. We put away our luggage and headed off straight to our first meal in Hong Kong.

SUN YUEN Noodle Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui
G/F, 19-21C Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

So I quickly do a quick search of the nearest Cha Chan Teng (茶餐厅) – Hong Kong style restaurant and we found Sun Yuen (新源粉麵飯茶餐廳). We ordered one serve of Oyster porridge and an egg & ham sandwich with one milk tea. The oyster porridge tasted so good! However the egg & ham sandwich was decent. 

I later found out the review for this restaurant is really bad (1.5/5.0) in, mainly because of the bad service/attitude and they overcharge you if they know you are a tourist. While I have only tried two meals out of their menu, so I can’t say make much comment on the food (as some reviewed that the food is really bad). We were famished so that could be the reason why the food tasted so good at the time.

Morning Snack
Cheung Hin Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Dumpling
48 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

After our first meal, we walked around the area and found a queue on this little shop with a sign that says “Michelin Guide”. It’s Cheung Hin Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Dumpling (祥興記上海生煎包) and we naturally queued up with everyone as we saw “Black Truffle Flavour Dumpling”. 

We ordered a set of Original Dumpling and a set of Black Truffle flavour Dumpling to take away. We devoured everything when we were back in our hotel room and it was really worth the queue (actually it’s not really a bad queue). It’s like Xiao Long Bao but it’s pan-fried. The broth inside the dumpling was hot so be careful, but it’s delicious and the skin was crispy. Black Truffle flavour was our favourite!

22 Austin Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Kowloon Park is a large public park in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. There’s a bunch of stuff to see inside the park such as Bird Lake and the Aviary, sporting facilities, flora and gardens, museums and so on. We had a quick walk around the park and there were many locals hanging around in the park with family and friends.

Entry to Kowloon Park is Free.

Second Visit
Kimberley road and Explore the area

Along Kimberley road, you will see Miramar Shopping Centre and parallel to Kimberley Road and Granville Road, there’s Kimberley Street (金巴利街). This street is famous for its Korean restaurants and grocery stores, the locals normally called it “Korean Street” and “Little Korea” (小韓國).

MAMMY Pancake (鸡蛋仔)
8-12E Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Eggette, Egg Waffle or Gai Dan Zai, is a Hong Kong Must Try street food. We bumped into this Michelin Guide Mammy Pancake when we were on our way to Temple street. In fact, it’s right at the end (or start) of temple street depends on which street you coming from.

They have a wide variety of flavour and style to choose from. We ordered the salted egg yolk egg waffle, while the egg waffle itself was really yum (crispy outside and soft fluffy inside), I don’t fancy the taste of Salted Egg yolk in the egg waffle. I would recommend trying other flavours such as Matcha or Sweet potato instead.

Third Visit
Temple Street Night Market, Yau Ma Tei

Temple Street Night Market (庙街夜市), is a popular street bazaar in Hong Kong. You can find all kinds of items on this street, whether its handbags, clothes, watches, jade, antiques, tea ware and all sort of electronics. Don’t be surprised to see fake designer bags and pirated CDs around, too.

Despite the cheap items being sold on Temple Street Night Market, it is a good place to see the liveliness of Chinese market and Hong Kong culture.

The stalls start setting up from 4pm but I would recommend visiting from 6pm onward so the market is fully set up to avoid disappointment.

Walk back to Tsim Sha Tsui from Yau Ma Tei

8 Minden Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

We had our first Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo, Japan and it was the best ramen I’ve ever had in my life so far. The noodle is cooked to perfection, the broth is rich and full of flavour, each bite is like a punch of happiness in the face, haha.

So we queue up for almost 1 hour in Ichiran Ramen, Tsim Sha Tsui because we craved for it since our last visit to Japan. We finally got our noodles and unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as Ichiran in Japan.

While everything else looks exactly the same, the ramen wasn’t cooked as perfectly, a bit soggier and the broth seems to be a bit diluted as well. We still enjoyed the noodle but it wasn’t as good as I remembered compared to the one we had in Tokyo, Japan. I would say it’s about 30% drop in quality of the food.

One bowl of regular ramen with added onsen egg will cost you $HK101. Quite expensive for a normal meal in Hong Kong. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great, so I wouldn’t go back again. Unless you haven’t tried Ichiran Ramen in Japan before, it could be a great meal for you.

Fourth Visit
Explore Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour Area

After dinner, we headed back to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour area to explore the night view and city skyline of Hong Kong at the Kowloon Public Pier.

We first went to 1881 Heritage, which is an Iconic shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Christmas decoration was beyond amazing.

We then moved to Kowloon Public Pier to watch the Symphony of light but we were late, so we missed the show. The show started at 8:00 pm and she  We went back on another day


Kowloon Public Pier

The Peninsula, Hong Kong (SUPER ICONIC!)

25 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Okay, we can’t end the first day in Hong Kong without a SUPPER! Everything opens till late in Hong Kong, doesn’t matter if it’s weekday, weekend or public holiday.

We saw this Macau Restaurant earlier this morning when we had breakfast and we decided to come back for it. This restaurant serves food similar to Macau, you can find Portuguese Egg Tart 葡式蛋塔 and Pork Chop Bun 猪扒包 here.

We ordered a Wonton Noodle, Pork Cheek and an iced milk tea to share. The pork cheek was absolutely divine! It’s so juicy and cooked to perfection. However, the Wonton Noodle wasn’t that good. Overall, the food was decent in this restaurant.

That ends our Hong Kong Itinerary for Day 1. We have been walking around a lot on the first day even though we were really exhausted from the flight. This kind of a freestyle itinerary is a great start to our Hong Kong Trip.



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