Panda & Co. Perth, located in Bulwer Street, is a “local cafe serving up dishes that are proudly inauthentic Asian, with a sprinkling of modern Australian, and a fistful of flare.” – Panda & Co. 

Another day browsing through ZOMATO to find another good brunch place in Perth, and we found Panda & Co. It has great reviews on ZOMATO, mouthwatering food pictures posted by visitors and interesting menu. The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was Singapore Chilli Crab Linguine.

Driving through the place and the cafe was packed with hungry people. We were lucky enough to find a good spot next to the cafe, and also fortunate enough to only waited for 5 minutes for a seat for two. 😀


Panda & Co. Perth 


They have PANDA everywhere!

How cute is that??
Oh and you’ll find two adorable fortune cats at the cashier too 🙂 




$4.5 Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Before Shake Photogenic


Vietnamese Iced Coffee – After Shake Yummilicious 



Singapore Chilli Crab Linguine  $21

Soft Shell Crab!!



Soft Shell Crab BAO $9



Pork Belly BAO $7

 All I need is some Peanut Crush and I’m Perfect!

 A hint of Belacan! 

(Shrimp Paste)

I know it’s not a good diet example after a workout. But hey, some of us workout just because we can eat great food!! Who else agree with me? 🙂

These beautiful, vibrant yoga pants from WELOVEFUNFIT Singapore not only makes you stands out in your gym/class, it actually (sort of) motivates me to actually wake up early and go to my pilates class. Exercise can be fun and stylish with these prism yoga pants (or do we called it leggings?)!


welovefunfit x minneeme

Had a wonderful Saturday Brunch to satisfy my tummy after a tough core workout. The linguine is definitely a must try. I don’t reckon the BAO to be on the same par as it’s price tho. The Soft shell crab Bao was good but I would not go back and pay $9 for that. While for the Pork Belly Bao, it’s lacking a bit more condiments like peanut crush, however, I am not a fan of that pickled vege in there.



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