Osaka, being one of the largest cities in Japan, it is beautiful and well-known for its delicious food. There are some tourist destinations in Osaka that absolutely worth a visit, even when you are having a short stay. Let’s discover some wonderful area of Osaka in this 3 Days Osaka Itinerary.

3 Day Osaka Itinerary: Day 1


While there’s a lot you can do in Namba (Read 10 things to do in Namba Osaka), I suggest an easy schedule as follow:

Shopping and Walk around at Shinsaibashi-Suji & Daimaru

Walk around and Enjoy the Night Street at Dotonbori

10 things to do in Minami Osaka

Visit Hozenji Temple and Street

Walk to Namba City and shop at Takashimaya Osaka

3 Day Osaka Itinerary: Day 2


Osaka Castle and Park

Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most iconic structures. If you visit during cherry blossom season (around Spring), you will see 600 cherry trees blooming beautifully in the park. You can easily spend a few hours here if you walk around the whole park.


Osaka Station is huge and the station itself has some shopping inside. So you can spend some time here before visiting Umeda Sky Building.

Umeda Sky Building

I would suggest you visit Umeda Sky Building the sky is about to get dark, around 4pm – 5pm. You can see the sunset from the top of the building, and the floor will light up with beautiful effect.

Grand Front Osaka + WALKAROUND

Around Umeda Sky Building, there’s a shopping mall – Grand Front Osaka or you can spend some time walking around the area. The night street is very beautiful.

3 Day Osaka Itinerary: Day 3



The park is home to hundreds of freely roaming deer. Deer is being considered as messengers of gods in Japan. They have become a symbol of the city as well as a natural treasure.

Nara’s deer are surprisingly tame, and they will bow their head in order to beg for food (deer biscuit) from visitors. Deer Biscuits are for sale around the park, do not feed them with anything else other that deer biscuits.

Access to Nara Park is FREE, it’s about 5 minutes’ walk from Kintetsu Nara Station or about 20 minutes’ walk from JR Nara Station.


Todaiji (Great Eastern Temple), is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples and landmark of Nara. The massive building houses one of Japan’s largest bronze statues of Buddha (Daibutsu).

You will feel overwhelmed by how huge and grand this temple is. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Picture alone definitely doesn’t do the temple any justice.

Access into the Todaiji Temple is 600yen.

Walk Around NARA & Enjoy Night Festival

Nara is bigger than you thought. You can easily spend one whole day here just by walking around. There’s a lot more to see other than deers and Todaiji. Stay till late and you might be able to witness Japanese night market and street in Nara.

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