Being one of the most popular tourist spot in Osaka, there are so many you can do in the Namba Area. While I do highly recommend that you discover the area yourself (after all that’s the point of traveling), here’s 10 things to do in Namba Osaka.

How to get to Namba?

From Kansai Airport:

Take the Express Trains, 45 minutes; Cost: 920 yen (non-reserved seats)

Limited Express Trains, 35 minutes; Cost: 1430 yen (reserved seats)


By Bus: To Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT), 50 minutes; Cost 1050 yen (Purchase tickets at the airport limousine bus counter)

From Shin-Osaka & Osaka Station:

Take the MIDOSUJI Subway line that connects Shin-Osaka/Umeda Stations directly to Namba Station.

Cost: 230 yen (from Osaka station, 8 minutes) & 280 yen (from Shin-Osaka Station, 15 minutes)


1. Walk around and eat Kogaryu Takoyaki

If you alight from OCAT or (Osaka) Namba Station, I highly recommend you walk around first before visiting Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori. There’s a lot more to see around it. I find it very calming to walk on the streets (that is not tourist spot) and you can witness a bit more of Osaka that way.

For those looking for easy quick snacks, try Kogaryu Takoyaki. Don’t be fool by its look, this not-so-pretty Takoyaki is in fact one of the best I’ve tasted in Japan. Just remember not to get “take out”.

2. Shinsaibashi Suji (Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade)

There’s a lot you can do in Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade. This Osaka’s premiere shopping center is about 600m long.  if you spend some time in every shop, you can spend at least 2 hours here.

Ladies, don’t forget to check out their pharmacy store. You’ll be surprised to see all the cosmetic and skin care products selling at a lower rate compared to what you see online. So stock up if you can!

For snacks, I recommend trying Luke’s Lobster. I know it’s ironic to eat American Snack in Japan, but man you will regret if you don’t give this a go. This expensive snack is a must try for your Japan Trip.

3. Visit Daimaru in Shinsaibashi

Most of you must have heard of Takashimaya and SOGO. These Japanese Department Store that have their branches worldwide. Daimaru however, is only operating within Japan. They used to have a few branches in Asia but all closed. They ceased overseas campaign of Daimaru since 2003.

This department store is directly connected to Shinsaibashi Station, you can find both luxury and casual brands here. The best part of course is the gourmet groceries, café and food at the lowest floor of the store.

4. Dotonbori Street 道頓堀

Pretty sure you’ve seen a picture of this running white man almost everywhere (aka the Osaka Symbol). Yes, this is Dotonbori, at the end of Shinsaibashi-Suji (towards Namba Station).

There’s a lot more you can do in Dotonbori other than eating. From walking along the Ebisu bridge to sightseeing with Tonbori River Cruise. Again, don’t rush the trip. Spend some time here until the night and you will see a different vibe of Dotonbori when all the lights are on.

10 things to do in Minami Osaka

things to do in Namba Osaka

5. Hozenji Yokocho Alley & Hozenji Temple

Best time to visit this place is in the evening/ at night. You will find more than 60 traditional restaurants and izakaya (Japanese bar) along this beautiful narrow street. At one end of the path, that’s where Hozenji Temple is.

If you’re looking for good Japanese BBQ for dinner, highly recommend Yakiniku M Hozenjiyokocho. Though their menu is on the expensive side, you will get to try high quality beef (Kobe Beef, A5 Wagyu Beef etc) for the BBQ. Remember to make reservation beforehand as they are always full!

6. EBISUBASHI Shopping Street

This shopping district is an extend of the Ebisubashi Bridge, where Dotonbori is. The street is connected all the way to Takashimaya Osaka in Minami (Namba).

The retails in this shopping street is similar to Shinsaibashi-Suji.

7. Namba City & Namba Park

Walking down from Ebishubashi, you will find Takashimaya Osaka, followed by a big Muji store at the opposite road. Namba City is located right behind Takashimaya.

You can spend all night in this place just by walking around. This huge shopping complex includes fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and so on.

things to do in Namba Osaka

More things you can do (that I didn’t get to do)

If you have more than 1 day to spend in the Namba Area, do try out these places. I didn’t have enough time to visit them all which was a shame.

8. Visit Amerikamura (Amemura):

Nearby Shinsaibashi. A shopping district that is similar to Harajuku in Tokyo.

9. Den Den Town:

In Nipponbashi Area. This town is an electronics districts similar to Akihabara in Tokyo. Known as otaku paradise, you will find some manga and anime retailers, maid café and cosplay in this area.

10. Shochikuza Theater:

If you are into kabuki performance, definitely check out this place. It’s one of the prime place to see kabuki show in Osaka.

While I do highly recommend that you discover the area yourself (after all that’s the point of traveling), here’s 10 things to do in Minami Osaka

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